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True Esscents by LA


Hi I’m La’Tonya Anderson. Thank you for visiting my shop.


After my oldest son was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in 2004, I began researching the ingredients of my favorite bath and body products.  I found over 10 ingredients including alcohol, dyes, dimethicone and petroleum jelly.  I decided I wanted natural skin care for my family.  So I chose Shea butter and avocado oil as primary ingredients.  These natural skin care products restore skin’s natural oil balance.


These handmade products are filled with moisturizers and antioxidants that are true to your skin.  All of the fragrances are alcohol free and do not contain harmful dyes.  The majority of the  fragrances are essential oils.


True Esscents started as a hobby and blossomed into a small business.


The entire skin care line has worked miracles.  Now my family and others have healthier skin.