Enjoy a mini size of pampering and self-care — from True Esscents to you.

Get 5 monthly skin, bath, and hair picks from our loyal Esscential Beauties for only $15. Skip a box or cancel anytime. Choose from the products below.

Body butter, ¼ oz.Daily Moisturizing Spritz, ½ oz.
Beard butter, ½ oz.Hair & Scalp Elixir, ½ oz.
Body scrub, ½ oz.Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner, ½ oz.
Bath salts, 2 oz.Deodorant, ¼ oz.

1. Complete an Essecential Beauty Profile – Complete this form below and let us know about your favorite fragrances. We’ll use the info to customize your box.

2. Explore your Beauty Esscentials – Your monthly beauty treats will be a mix of natural skin, bath and hair products. Discover new favorites and see what works for you. Then order a product in its full size. 

3. Your Must Haves can fit in any bag – Sample-size products can be used for travel purposes. 

4. Perfect your Box – You can choose one of your samples each month starting with your second box. Also, review products so we learn more about you and your experience with True Esscents products.