Medium Body Butter

Love these products!
I purchased the body butter and body scrub, both in the coconut lime scent. La’Tonya was also thoughtful enough to include a little wooden scoop for use with the sugar scrub. I love both of these products and the little wooden scoop! The coconut lime scent is very refreshing without being overpowering. Both products make my skin feel smooth as silk and moisturized. In fact, my skin stays moisturized the entire day. I can’t wait to try some of the other scents!


I’ve had a problem with dry skin as long as I can remember. Especially my hands. I have tried many different lotions and potions over the years. When La’Tonya told me that she was creating a line of skin care products I said why not give it a try. I purchased a cinnamon vanilla body butter. Not only did I use it on my hands, I used it all over. It wasn’t greasy and the scent was rich and decadent. The moisturizing was instantaneous and long lasting. I must say that I am pleased with my purchase and will be back to purchase again.

– Leander M

I enjoyed the bath Salts and Body Butter.The fragrance is soft.


True Essence’s Scrubs leave your skin smooth and glowing without being greasy. Scents are soft and natural.Order yours today!
– Melissa Palmer 

True Esscents Pomegranate Body Scrub left my skin soft and unbelievably moisturized! When I followed it up with the Pomegranate Body Butter, it was awesome! I have eczema, but with True Esscents skincare products, my skin looks healthy and hydrated!
– Yvette W

Happy Hands, Feet & Elbows!
My first purchase was the Body Butter & Bath Salt in Lavender/Vanilla. I could smell the wonderful aroma before I opened the package. I use the body butter everywhere, but concentrate on my hands, feet and elbows (my dry areas). It melts on my skin and makes it moist and smooth. The bath salt was simply soothing and awesome! I shared my body butter with my daughter and she quickly placed an order also. This product is fragrant and soothing. Great quality for the price. A must try.


Created from all natural ingredients True Esscents by LA products allow you to be good to yourself by using ingredients that are good for you. The essential oils help you care for your skin and provide a calming aromatherapy experience. The quality of the body moisturizers, bath salts and scrubs are excellent. You feel the care that goes into the creation of skin care line as you pamper yourself. Do yourself a favor and make True Esscents a part of your daily skin care practice.
– A. Davis

We like the clean and crisp white packaging with the lavender decals, it’s like opening a special gift made just for you. We truly love True Esscents’s natural body scrubs and body creams. It’s nothing like exfoliating your body in a warm shower after a hard day of work. Not only does LA’s products smell inviting but my skin feels smooth and looks healthier. My daughter’s favorites are the peppermint and baby powder body butter after her nightly shower. She often comments on the softness of her skin and we like that it does not making us feel oily on humid days. The best part is the products are all natural, price is fair and they are made for the entire family. Don’t let the guys fool you they love Eucalyptus body scrubs too!!