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Soak & Sip Party



Turning your living space into a wellness oasis has never been easier!

Gather your friends and experience the Soak & Sip magic for yourself! 

Soaking your feet in tubs infused with natural and organic essential oils and minerals is therapeutic for your entire body! Foot soaks relieve aches and pain, and improve circulation. They also boost nerve and muscle function. Our feet are our bodies’ foundation. Soak your way to healthier skin and wellness.   

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Soak & Sip

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. As the largest organ of the body, the skin absorbs toxins effortlessly. Get together with 6 or more friends and learn how to release those toxins, rejuvenate, and restore your skin by using our guided 3-step dermal detoxification method. You and your guests will explore True Esscents by LA products while sipping on your favorite beverage.

Our Soak & Sip parties are perfect for any event—birthdays, bridal showers, ladies’ night gatherings, etc.

Schedule a consultation and book your party today!

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3 hours - $350 (up to 10 guests)

Each guest will receive:

Bath Salts

Bath Scrub

Bath Butter

Foot tub with liner


Dry skin brush

Marbles (optional)

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Website Banner 1920x905 (61).png
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