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Let Go and Let It Flow

Happy New Year, Esscential Beauties! I trust that you will make new memories and experience new beginnings in 2024. We are at the end of the first full week of the New Year and many of you have set new intentions, new goals and a new word to live by this year.  Way to go—I applaud each of you! While doing this, I encourage you to let go and let it flow. Let go of what you did not accomplish last year and celebrate what you did.


On to the flow—while many of us are focusing on our goals in the New Year, let us be mindful that we are in the midst of winter and we need to guard our immune system.  A significant part of the immune system is the lymphatic system because it works hard to keep us healthy. Its main jobs include defending against infections and helping the body eliminate waste.  It also removes harmful bacteria and reduces swelling and inflammation. Without increased blood flow and the flow of lymphatic fluid, the lymphatic systems works harder, putting our bodies at risk for illnesses.


In this New Year, while you’re working on those goals, I challenge you to let it flow. Here are some simple tips for increasing blood flow and lymph fluid.

  1. Get moving.  Increase your cardiovascular exercise.

  2. Get a massage. Try a lymphatic drainage massage, which will reduce swelling and inflammation. (If you have a compromised immune system, consult with your physician to ensure a lymphatic massage is safe for you.)

  3. Diaphragmatic breathing. Practice this deep breathing to help move lymphatic fluid.

  4. Dry skin brushing. Add 2 drops of Bay Laurel essential oil to your hand and rub a natural-bristle brush in the oil. Brush your skin lightly in upward strokes starting at your toes moving toward your heart. Dry skin brushing removes toxins from your body and helps your lymphatic system to drain. Bay Laurel stimulates and detoxifies the lymphatic system.

Remember—let go and let it flow!


Peace, love & healthy skin!



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